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Eversons Pear Cider

Eversons Pear Cider

R574.56 R450.00 inc.Vat | R394.74 ex.VAT

Case of 16 x 340ml Eversons Pear Cider.

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16 x 340ml. Following on from our flagship apple cider, we ventured into producing South Africa’s first pear cider. It’s crafted using the same artisanal methods as our apple cider, however the end product is slightly sweeter, with an exceptional floral character. Because of the alkaline fruit, there is a slightly waxy mouthfeel and a softer, creamier finish. Similar to the apple cider, it is also aged and wooded.

Kindly note: will be closed from 22 December 2017 to 2 January 2018. All orders need to be received by 18 December 2017 to be processed this year